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GOODFABLE Storytelling Games was an independent and non-partisan educational computer game development studio. Goodfable specialized in developing of narrative games on relevant topics of our time. Goodfable's adventures inspire not only children and families - they're also good tools for schools.


Goodfable ended its operative business on Dec. 31, 2012. The copyrights to "Ajabu – Forefathers' Legacy" are still with Goodfable's founders and owners.


"AJABU" is highly welcomed by media educators and education professionals, psychologists, politically independent organizations, as well as by teachers, parents and students and is considered one of the best "Serious Games". Due to its closeness to the structure of a narrative and illustrated or animated book it is considered by experts as a pioneer product of digital learning. "AJABU" was therefore nominated for the German Computer Games Award in the field "serious games", and became a special project of UNESCO's world decade of "Sustainability Education".


GOODFABLEs educational and entertaining games were strictly non-violent. Carefully developed stories, detailed graphics and positive characters with whom children can identify, make playing a lasting experience. Goodfable's games promote children's awareness and joy of discovery and encourage them to develop their own potential.


One of their most successful productions was published by the German Federal Environment Ministry. The 'eco-bestseller' "Don Cato - The Return of the Lynx" on biodiversity, sold over 500.000 copies by the end of 2010. In addition printed material on “Don Cato” was published in more than 700,000 copies.

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