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The copyright to "AJABU – Forefathers' Legacy" and all thereto referring websites offered by GOODFABLE rests with GOODFABLE Storytelling Games, and other rights holders (eg music) respectively.


This includes: the game itself and all websites (and their design) by GOODFABLE referring to it, in order to inform about it, promote it or sell it via the Internet, as well as all included or related components or material such as (but not limited to) booklets, covers and labels, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, property rights, titles, program code, audiovisual effects, texts, stories, characters, character names, plots, fictional place names, dialogues, fictitious business names, label names, trade names, backgrounds, artwork, sound effects, sets, and parts of sets as well as all rights to creations, protected by national and international copyright laws, that are the property of their respective owners.


The information provided on this website (code, images, sound and text) are intended only for personal and private use, as well as for promotional and informational use, unless the contents are identified differently in this copyright provision (see below). All content of this website which is not marked in the appropriate way, including all its parts and materials, may in cases of any doubt not be used for any other purposes or not be used commercially, if not expressly authorized herein.


The graphics and content, contained on this website are protected by national and international copyright regulations and may not, without individual written authorization of the owners of the respective rights be passed on, neither free nor paid for, not be reproduced, licensed, rented, modified, translated, adapted or otherwise be re-used. Exceptions to this are mentioned below regarding separate rights for free distribution of bonus material, provided that the ban for changes and the ban for commercial exploitation are respected.


All rights reserved.




In the "Media & Downloads" and "Information & Links" section of this website you will find memo games, puzzles, quizzes, screen savers, screen shots, videos, wallpapers, mobile wallpapers, school timetables, PDFs, briefing papers, etc., that are free support material to the game “AJABU” and that may be used and passed on for free.

You will be provided with a so-called "Creative Commons by-nc-sa-nd" License. This means you may use the bonus material (AND ONLY THE BONUS MATERIAL) as follows:

  1. You must pass on the material to third parties under the SAME CONDITIONS (as described herein).
  2. You MUST name the AUTHORS (Goodfable) and the sources (www.goodfable.com und www.ajabu-game.com, bzw. ajabu.goodfable.com).
  3. You may NOT EDIT the bonus material.
  4. You may NOT COMMERCIALLY EXPLOIT the bonus material.
  5. You MUST pass on these REGULATIONS OF USE together with the data that you pass on.


 You have a simple, non-exclusive right regarding the bonus material to use it for private purposes only. The right is not transferable, nor rentable or distributable. You may copy ONLY the bonus material or store it, both for the purpose of securing your own data, as well as for distribution to third parties. You may ONLY install the bonus material as you wish, reproduce and publicly perform it. You may NOT resell the bonus material, rent, or showcase it for money. You may ONLY transfer the bonus material, in whole or in parts into the Internet or integrate it into non-commercial networks. You may IN NO WAY use the bonus material COMMERCIALLY. The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to the game "Ajabu" itself. All uses of the game "Ajabu – Forefathers' Legacy" itself and all its parts are stated on the storage medium itself or within the respective readme-files and/or license agreements and must be accepted with installing the game (please see respective notes on medium and within the game). In case of any doubt a use is prohibited if it is not granted unambiguously. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions about these regulations This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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