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Here's the perfect little game for in between: Memo games, puzzles and quizzes . Such mini-games can also be found on the DVD "AJABU  - Forefathers' Legacy".    Of course they're not part of the actual game, but they're bonus material - a nice little extra! Simply click on a thumbnail, the game will then open in a new window. You'll need Adobe Flash Player to play them. You can also download the games without flash and install them on your computer. To do so, you can follow the download links below the little preview images. Have fun with our mini-games in which you will recognize some images and characters from "AJABU"!

Please note: The mini games have not been translated into English yet. For the games where text is needed please come back soon. You can however enjoy all the memo games and puzzles in the meantime.

Afrika Hotspot Game   Memo_Char1_mini

Afrika Hotspot

>> Download (4,66MB)


Memo Characters I

>> Download (5,48MB)

Memo_Char1_mini   Memo_Tiere1_mini

Memo Characters II

>> Download (5,54MB)


Memo Tiere I

>> Download (5,34MB)

Memo_Tiere2_mini   Memo_Pflanzen1_mini

Memo Tiere 2

>> Download (5,47MB)


Memo Pflanzen 1

>> Download (5,67MB)

Memo_Pflanzen2_mini    Quiz_SLF1_mini

Memo Pflanzen II

>> Download (5,69MB)


Afrika Quiz 1

>> Download (4,84MB)

Quiz_SLF2_mini    Quiz_SLF3_mini

Afrika Quiz 2

>> Download (4,83MB)

Afrika Quiz 3

>> Download (4,83MB)
 Quiz_Tiere_mini   Quiz_Promis_mini

Afrika Quiz Tiere

>> Download (4,82MB)

Afrika Quiz Prominente

>> Download (4,85MB)
 Puzzle_Cheese_mini   Puzzle_Salifou_mini

Puzzle "Cheeese"

>> Download (6,77MB)

Puzzle "Salifou"

>> Download (7,01MB)
 Puzzle_Zebras_mini   Puzzle_MrZero_mini

Puzzle "Zebras"

>> Download (6,98MB)

Puzzle "Mr Zero"

>> Download (7,13MB)
 Puzzle_Esenje_mini   Puzzle_chamaeleon_mini

Puzzle "Esenje"

>> Download (6,87MB)

Puzzle "Grün"

>> Download (6,73MB)
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