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We appreciate your interest in our website. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Below, we provide detailed information on how we deal with your data.

Collection, processing and use of your data

You can visit our site without disclosing any personal information. We only store data without reference to individuals such as the name of your Internet Service Provider, the page from which you visit us or the name of the file. This data is used solely to improve our offer and does not allow any conclusion on your person.


Personal data is only collected if you provide it to us yourself in the context of your order (via www.goodfable-shop.com), within an e-mail or by voluntary participation in our survey, or possibly by opening a customer account voluntarily. We will then use your information, without your expressed permission, solely for the processing of your order (shop) or possibly for (only internal) statistical purposes (survey).


Policy regarding information from children

GOODFABLE is very sensitive in terms of the privacy interests of children. Children who would like to write an e-mail to us or participate in our survey should be in doubt and PLEASE ASK THEIR PARENTS FOR PERMISSION FIRST. Without parental consent, we do not collect personally identifiable information from children. By participating in the voluntary survey, we need for organizational and legal reasons, however, assume that parents have given their consent to participate.


We guarantee, that any information that we have inadvertently obtained by e-mail or in the voluntary survey is deleted immediately or is used solely for internal statistical purposes that are not accessible to third parties.


 We continue to ensure that we are within the framework of existing legislation and do NEVER make any private or commercial use of information that we have received, in the form of sharing it with third parties, nor do we sell any information to advertisers or otherwise use them improperly.


To e-mails from children, we will only reply as regards of the game "Ajabu" and its contents. We will not allude to, or answer, or pose personal interests or questions in any case.


Use of Cookies (mainly refers to www.goodfable-shop.com)

On several pages, we may use cookies to make visiting our website easier for you and for allowing the use of certain functions. These are small text files that are stored on your computer. Most of the cookies we use will be deleted from your harddrive at end of ypur the browser session (so-called session cookies). Otheguanabanar cookies remain on your computer and allow us for example to recognize your computer when you visit again if necessary (so-called persistent cookies). These cookies are used for example for greeting you with your username, to follow orders or making it easier to re-enter your password or to fill out forms with your data. Our partner companies are not allowed to collect, use or to process your personal information via cookies on our website.

Disclosure of personal data (relating to www.goodfable-shop.com)

A transfer of your data is only part of an order within the Goodfable-Shop and is only processed regarding the shipping organization and to the extent necessary for the delivery of the goods. In order to process payments your payment details are passed on to the respective credit institute(s).


By clicking the Facebook button data is transmitted to Facebook.


Right to Information

According to the Federal Data Protection Act you have the right to free information about your stored data with us, and the right to correct, block or delete such data.


Contact for Privacy


For questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal information, the disclosure, correction, blocking or deletion of data as well as revocation of consent, please contact: GOODFABLE Storytelling Games via email.

Data security (refers to www.goodfable-shop.com)

Your personal data will be encrypted via SSL and then transferred over the Internet during your ordering process in the Goodfable-Shop. We secure our website and other systems through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. Access to your account is possible only after entering your personal password. You should keep your access information confidential and close the browser window when you have finished your communication with us, especially if you share your computer with others.


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