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"Ajabu" is a real adventure and a modern fairy tale as well. In Africa, two courageous kids from New York dare to step in the way of a fictional tycoon. This man's hunger for tropical timber, crude oil, diamonds and coltan seems to be unlimited. Unfortunately his appetite for resources sometimes has consequences for humans and the environment. Alongside Sam and Phoebe the dedicated player will fight against exploitation, environmental destruction, corruption and all sorts of shady deals.

But in the end children will also learn that things are often more complicated than they thought - and even their "enemy" turns out to be very different than they had thought.

"AJABU" is an entertaining and educational adventure for kids and families. The non-violent game is sophisticated and touching as well. By solving many challenging puzzles, kids get the chance to explore an exciting continent with open-minded, confident people. While talking and interacting with them they make new friends and experience the world from their point of view. In "AJABU" Africa becomes a symbol for a new way of thinking and cooperating. “AJABU” inspires kids -- and people of all ages as well.

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AJABU Einzelbeitrag zur UN Weltdekade
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