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Here you will find answers to technical questions regarding "Ajabu".

Your parents, teachers and other adults will find answers to questions of content in "More Info & Links" or www.goodfable.com.

  1. Where can I buy "Ajabu"?
  2. What does "learning program" mean and what about youth protection?
  3. What sort of computer do I need for "Ajabu"?
  4. Does "AJABU" work with any computer?
  5. Is my computer system up to date enough for "Ajabu"?
  6. Does "Ajabu" also run under Windows 7?
  7. Does "Ajabu" also run under older computer systems?
  8. Is "Ajabu" running under operating systems other than Windows?
  9. Is "Ajabu" copy-protected?
  10. How do I install "Ajabu" and what's with the DVD while playing? 
  11. How do I uninstall "Ajabu" again? 
  12. How do I adjust the screen? 
  13. How do I delete a user? 
  14. What can I do when I have  audio/video or audio/video problems? 
  15. Can I pause or skip videos? 
  16. I receive an error message "Director Player has encountered a problem ..." 
  17. I sometimes get the message "Director Player Error ..." 
  18. What should I do if I have problems with the sound or graphics? 
  19. Am I doing something wrong when Ajabu is relatively slow? 
  20. I hear no sound! What can I do? 
  21. My DVD can not be installed or made ​​mistakes! 
  22. I receive strange error messages or the program crashes ... 
  23. When I havn't played "Ajabu" for a longer time and I want to continue an old game, I get an error message and a black screen. 
  24. When I'm switching from one screen to another it can happen that I get  a black screen, I still have a mouse (or not) and I'm not able to do anything. 
  25. I have another problem with "Ajabu"! 
  26. Where can I find information if my parents and teachers have questions regarding "Ajabu"? 
  27. Is there an in-game help or a walkthrough for "Ajabu"?
  28. Can I play "AJABU on my MAC also?

 You did not find your question listed here? Write an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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1. Q: Where can I buy "AJABU"?

A: You or your parents can buy "Ajabu" easily via this  site. Just click on the "Buy AJABU  Now" button in the top right corner.

In our Goodfable-Shop you can order "Ajabu" in a few easy steps and you can  safely and securely pay in various ways. Normally, the game will be with you within 2-3 days (deliveries in Germany).

But you can also order "Ajabu" via Amazon, or you can buy or order it in a bookstore nearby.

Still the fastest way to get "Ajabu" is to buy it via our shop site www.goodfable-shop.com. 

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2.Q: What does "learning program" mean and what about youth protection?

A:In most countries -including Germany- manufacturers of games are required by law to have checked their new games - before selling - by an official authority.  

In Germany, this is done by the "USK" ('Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle' ( Entertainment Software Control)) in Berlin. The USK classifies software in these categories: "0", "6", "12", 16 "and" 18 ". These characteristics are, however, no age recommendation. It only means that a game with the marking "0" has definitely no child- or youth-endangering content . The game can surely be too difficult for children older than 6 .

"Learning" or "educational" does absolutely not mean that a game is not fun or that it might be boring school stuff. It just means that the content is designed in such a way, that you can  learn a lot from it, while you are having fun to play the game. Our government, the federal states and the public authorities  recommend educational games specifically. Therefore, they don't need an age classification beause they have the label "Lehrprogramm". But you should know that in "Ajabu"  at no point your knowledge is tested as in learning programs for math or foreign languages - in "Ajabu" you learn by playing yourself through the story just as if you were reading a fascinating adventure book.

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3. Q: What sort of computer do I need for "AJABU"?

A: You definitely need a PC and a Windows operating system (XP, Vista or 7). Your PC must be fast enough as yet have enough space on the hard drive and a DVD drive. The exact system requirements you will find here.

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4. Q: Does "AJABU" work with any computer?

A: As long as the system requirements are met,  "Ajabu" works on every (windows) computer. Some (older) DVD-Players might not meet the technical requirements to play all the advanced extras. Therefore "Ajabu" DVDs should be played only in suitable devices.

Very old DVD players could occasionally cause a problem. In no case, you should play the DVD in CD-Players or in DVD-Players which are only suitable for playing movies or music.

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5. Q: Is my computer system up to date enough for "AJABU"?

A: Before installing "Ajabu" , please install all the latest fixes for your hardware and the latest "service pack" from Microsoft ®. That should fix most problems that might arise.

Please visit the respective websites on the Internet in order to update your system correctly. Anyway, to keep your PC system up-to-date serves your safety      and that of your PC system.

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6. Q: Does  "AJABU" also run under Windows 7? 

A: Yes. "Ajabu" was specifically designed for Windows XP and Windows Vista. But it was also widely tested under Windows 7. Malfunctions under Windows 7 are so far unknown.

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7. Q: Does "AJABU" also run under older PC-Systems? 

A: Ajabu will not run under Windows 98 ® or older systems. Ajabu was not officially optimized for Windows 2000 ®. But normally the game should  run even on Windows 2000 ®.

Sometimes there can be problems with sound cards,  because the drivers for the hardware components are not compatible with the operating system or were not adjusted by the manufacturer. Please do always install the latest drivers for your hardware, paying regard to the particular operating system.

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8. Q: Is "AJABU" running under operating systems other than Windows? 

A: No. "Ajabu" unfortunately does not run for example on the MAC, but presently only  under the before mentioned Windows systems.

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9. Q: Is "AJABU" copy-protected?

A: Yes, "Ajabu" is copy protected. Each disk of the game Ajabu was provided with a hardware-based copy protection through the disk manufacturer. This protection could (theoretically) only be avoided by technically highly elaborate (and illegal) methods. Those illegal copies of "Ajabu" are not executable. At every start the application will ask for the original disk inserted in the DVD drive .

We ask you, your parents and teachers to respect the copyright and copyright laws. Please buy "Ajabu" regularly in bookstores, on Amazon or on www.goodfable-shop.com. Thank you!

Consider seeing it this way: games, movies, books, etc. are incredible money-and time-consuming to produce. To produce movies and games a lot of people have to do a lot of work. While purchasing "Ajabu" in a regular way, you indirectly contribute to developing new games! This way new valuable adventure games on exiting topics can be created by Goodfable for kids and families.

10. Q:     How do I install "AJABU" and what's with the DVD while playing?

A: For the installation of "Ajabu" maybe you need administrator rights. Insert the disc into the DVD drive. If 'auto start' is activated the installation will start automatically. If 'auto start' is not activated on your computer, please start the installation manually from the DVD while executing the setup.exe file.

Full installation (recommended):
All required data will be copied onto your computer. This process takes about 3.5 GB of free space on your PC. The installation process takes depending on the system about 20 to 40 minutes. Meanwhile, you probably can tinker with the booklet.

Frugal installation:
Only absolutely necessary files are copied to your computer. The remaining data will be read during the playing of the DVD. This installation requires only about 600 MB of free space on your PC.

Please remember that the frugal installation can make your game sightly slower, and perhaps longer waiting periods are required while playing, because longer cutscenes need to be read from the DVD before they can be displayed.

During the complete installation process the original DVD needs to be in the DVD drive and also when you start the game. Otherwise, you will receive a message on the screen. If you receive such a message on the screen because the DVD is not inserted, please put the DVD in the drive and wait a moment. The application will automatically continue.

In the case of a minimal installation, while playing the game the DVD has to remain constantly in the DVD drive because the application always has to download data from the DVD. For slower systems, this can result in delays and / or shorter waiting periods or breaks. Please wait until the corresponding scene has been loaded from the DVD into the game and is shown on screen. The game will resume then.

Please note that after a complete and successful installation of "Ajabu" you also can start the game via the desktop icon or your program menu. To start playing the DVD has to be in the DVD drive.

Little hint:

If you start to play without the DVD in the drive, it can happen that, after you were prompted to put the DVD into the drive, two or more concurrent Ajabu games are seen on your computer. Please finish all except one, because otherwise the performance of your computer system can be greatly impaired.

With the key combination Alt + Tab you can change between all running applications and end them individually.

11. Q: How do I uninstall "AJABU" again?

A: You can uninstall "Ajabu"  completely, by going through the start menu and selecting "Ajabu". There you will find an entry "Uninstall".

Otherwise you can in the "Control Panel" of Windows "Software" select "Ajabu" and then uninstall the game.

Apart from that,   in the folder where "Ajabu" was installed (eg C: \ WINDOWS \ Ajabu \) you will find the file "uninstall.exe". By running the file the game will also be removed completely from the computer.

12. Q: How do I adjust the screen?

A: "Ajabu" was developed for a fixed screen resolution of 1024 * 768 pixels. This may result in a black border to be seen around the playing surface.

Some people like that, because the picture stands in good contrast to the surrounding, others might not like it that way. Please choose the recommended or a   higher resolution in the Control Panel.

Right click on your desktop >> >> "Properties" >> "Display Properties" >> "Settings" >> screen resolution set >> OK / Apply.

Rarely is a reboot of the computer is necessary.

13. Q: How do I delete a user?

A: Under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ajabu  you will find a folder for each created player containing his or hers savegames. In order to delete for example player "ABC42" please simply delete the whole folder "ABC42". The folder "Application Data" generally is a "hidden" folder, for which reason it might not be displayed on your desktop ("My Computer") or in your file-manager (file-explorer). In order to display hidden files and folders open "My Computer" (or file-manager/-explorer) and click on the menu bar and then on "Extras" --> "Folder Options" --> tab "General". Choose in the window well down below at "Hidden Files and Folders" the option "Display all files and folders". Click on "Accept" and close this window by clicking "OK". Now also the hidden "Application Data" will be displayed and you can delete one or more folders and thus delete AJABU users.

14. Q: What can I do when I have audio/video or video/audio problems?

A: Very rarely and under certain very specific hardware configurations synchronization problems between audio and video signals may occur. This might result in having audio but no video or vice versa. This is due to a commonly known problem with Windows and the synchronization of sound and video. This is not a problem of the AJABU-Software. In order to solve this problem please use the so-called "compatibility-mode":


Please right-click on the installed AJABU application (AJABU or AJABU.exe) and bring up the "Properties" window. Now choose the tab "Compatibility" and check the option "Execute Program in Compatibility  Mode for:" (or similar). Set the selection to "Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5)". Click on "Accept" and close the window with hitting the button"OK". Video- and audio signals should be synchronized again. However, with this setting slight delays in playing the mouse sounds can occur.

15. Q: Can I pause or skip videos? 

A: You can pause a cutscene (video) while playing by hitting the space bar. Hitting it again will continue playing the video. With "Enter" you can skip a cutscene.

NOTE! Both key commands are also executed, when applying them in other applications, other than AJABU, while AJABU is running at the same time. A simple left-click will skip a "mini movie" (small character window in the upper right corner of your screen) which is running at that time.

16. Q: I receive an error message "Director Player has encountered a problem ..."

A: This problem occurs very rarely but cannot be eliminated completely when running AJABU under Windows. As for a solution try setting the "Compatibility Mode" of the ajabu.exe on "true".

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17. Q: I sometimes get the message "Director Player Error ..."

A: Windows "memorises" every click the user makes - even the very fast ones. The problem indicated by the question is caused by the  coincidence of a computer which is slightly too slow and the user's habit to command a computer by generally double clicking even in places and situations when simple clicks would suffice.

AJABU is played by simply clicking once at a given time. Mini movies in the upper right corner e.g. are started that way. Another instant click would therefore stop a mini movie before it has even been started.

Slower computers could tend to "choke" on this from time to time. Please go ahead playing AJABU simply as intended with a normal playing speed and please click in a normal clicking speed, avoiding very fast double clicks.

By the way: answering "Yes" to the above named question "Continue?" will simply continue the application to run flawlessly.

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18. Q: What should I do if I have problems with the sound or graphics?

A: We recommend - regardless of the OS in use and the hardware configuration of a given PC to always try downloading and installing the latest driver updates from the Internet for your hardware components.

You will find information on your hardware in the control panel under "System" or "Hardware".

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19. Q: Am I doing something wrong when Ajabu is relatively slow?

A: No you don't. But your system may be running below the minimal system requirements or is loaded by other processes running at the same time or in the background.

Please make sure that no other major system processes that are not needed for AJABU are running when starting AJABU. Further information about this can usually be found in your system's task manager (right click on the system bar on which you also find the "Start" button.)

"Minimal Requirements" means that the game can be started and also can be played, with certain limitations though. Please note that the developer has adjusted the game to the recommended hardware- and system requirements.

Please optimise and clear up your PC system regularely with appropriate tools.

It also might be helpful to defragment your harddrive every once in a while. Please make sure not to delete any data while using your system's defrag-tools.

Please do not try playing AJABU directly from DVD, but instead please install the game properly as intended and if possible in full. Please end all simultaneously running applications like browsers, email clients, chat- or messenger software etc.

While playing AJABU please also deactivate any player or service program that is not of essential importance at that time (right click on the task bar).

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20. Q: I hear no sound! What can I do?

A: Please check if you turned down the sound via the "Playback Control" of your Windows system or via the sound settings menu of the software that came with your audio device.

>> Start-Button >> "Settings" >> "Control Panel" >> "Sounds and Audiodevices" >> Tab "Volume" >> here you might need to uncheck the box for "Sound Off" or you might need to turn up the volume >> the button "Advanced" opens further setting options.

Please check if your speakers or earphones are correctly attached to your audio device and that they are turned on. Please also check if you may have turned down the sound volume in the games's settings menu.

Please check if the front connectors on your PC are actually attached correctly with the appropriate connectors on your mainboard or sound device inside of your PC.

21. Q: My DVD can not be installed or made ​​mistakes!

A: From time to time false pressings or false duplications can happen with DVDs. You can destroy malfunctioning DVDs or send them back to us.
We will make sure that you will receive replacements as soon as possible.

22. Q: I receive strange error messages or the program crashes ... 

A: The only known reason for this error is the presence of a driver for a graphics tablet. It is possible that you have or had installed such a hardware device and that its drivers are still present on your system even if the device is not connected to your PC anymore.

If the device is still connected to your PC please disconnect it and deinstall all the software and drivers associated with the tablet. If the tablet is not connected to your PC anymore please try to find its related software via your control panel/software and deinstall it. After that everything should work without any problem.

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23. Q: When I havn't played "Ajabu" for a longer time and I want to continue an old game, I get an error message and a black screen.

A: Usually this will not happen because all game data will be saved correctly. In case of a very long period of not playing AJABU and possibly administrating your computer in the meantime with e.g. clean up software it may happen that some session data that has not been used for a long time has been deleted by your clean up software.

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24. Q: When I'm switching from one screen to another it can happen that I get a black screen, I still have a mouse (or not) and I'm not able to do anything. 

A: AJABU is a fairly big and sophisticated computer game. Also the video data sometimes is quite extensive. So, if you will just restart your pc and call up your last gaming session you will be able to restart playing where you just had finished. AJABU will remember sessions automatically ("last game"). However, we recommend saving your sessions manually every once in a while.

25. Q: I have another problem with "Ajabu"! 

A: Please turn to GOODFABLE

GOODFABLE does give technical support (where applicable and possible) for the International Promotional Version of AJABU.

You might find further helpful informationen on:

or on

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26. Q: Where can I find information if my parents and teachers have questions regarding "Ajabu"?

A: For more information about "Ajabu", eg about the goals of the game, the story itself, the topics or educational matters,  your parents and teachers will find detailed infos in  "Further Info & Links" or in the section "Ajabu" on www.goodfable.com.

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27. Q: Is there an in-game help or a walkthrough for "Ajabu"?

The final end-user version of AJABU in each language will not contain a walkthrough in order to not affect gameplay and playing fun.

The International Promotional Version of AJABU (English subtitles) however will contain a walkthrough amongst other information about the game to facilitate playing the game for institutional, and administrative or political staff members.

If you are not using the walkthrough please read the subtitles and do not skip the videos while playing. Besides the development information they may also contain important game related information. Just try everything you see on the screen and combine all the items in your inventory with the elements on your screen. You will be successful in a short while.

If you are still not getting ahead, please click on the help symbol in the upper right corner above the character movie window. Kinyago will try to help you.

If your children or students still have problems playing AJABU please read carefully the information on the functionality of AJABU in the booklet. There you will also find detailed information on how to play AJABU - examplified for the Manhattan mission.

If you are still not getting ahead please research on the Internet in order to try finding a complete walkthrough or write an email to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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28. F: Can I play "AJABU" on my MAC also?

AJABU was developed for PC and it has been optimized for Windows XP, Vista and 7. However, "AJABU" can be played on a MAC by using emulator software, like 'Parallels'. Please take into consideration that your MAC could be slowed down through the use of an emulator. Depending on the hardware configuration, the game might run a little slower under such conditions, or, loading times of game sequences or animation scenes might take a little longer.

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