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Classic, non-violent 2D 'point-and-click' graphic adventure for children 

Learning Adventure, Educational Game, Serious Game, Game for Change, E-Learning



Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Media Type: DVD-ROM for PC

(German board for self-monitoring of entertainment software): from 0 years/without restrictions, "Learning Software acc. to 'JuSchG' " (law for the protection of children and youth);

Age group: 10-14 years
playable from: 8 years
Language: German language edition with complete German subtitles (English subtitles in promotional version)
Packaging / booklet:   28 pages, German (English in promotional version)


From the makers of the 'environment education bestseller'
"Don Cato - The Return of the Lynx"
(sold over 500.000 copies in German language edition) 


" 'Ajabu' is a political fairy tale, a modern fable with an optimistic message, touching, informative, evocative, atmospheric, empathetic and with subtle humor."


Classic 2D Point & Click Adventure

A great interactive adventure, a fascinating story with humor and thoughtfulness, told in hundreds of carefully designed, hand-drawn digital screens full of details and enlivened by about four hours of animation sequences.



Africa, a Continent of the Future

Seven countries, wonderful landscapes and exciting cities. Mysterious places and interesting encounters with nearly 50 fascinating characters. An interactive journey where you'll make many new friends and get to know a whole new Africa.



Exciting and Challenging Assignments

in about 50 meaningful combination-, dialogue- and logic puzzles. Carefully researched information, intertwined with a sophisticated story will require your full attention and your best logic skills.


Prominent Actors and Voice-Over Artists, Great Sound, Specially Composed Soundtrack

Hannes Jaenicke, Hoëcker Bernhard, Otto Mellies, Anne Will, Jonathan Kinsler, Aloysius Itoka, Errol Trotman-Harewood, Dayan Kodua, Thelma Buabeng, John Yamoah, Soogi Kang, Bernard Mayo, Sheri Hagen, Leo Moses ... and other professional actors and voice-over artists  speak over 5,000, vividly and vivaciously  - in best studio quality. Specially composed music, with an orchestral touch, atmospherically underscores the dramatic plot.


Wide Range of Topics

Many interesting topics from the areas of: Nature and environment, natural resources and globalization, interest-driven politics and international development, corruption and racism, agriculture and trade, science and behavioral research (ethology), nature conservation and anthropology, medicine, technology and energy research, society, history and education.


Various Application Areas

A real adventure, entertaining, instructive, and educative at the same time. Ideally suited for: meaningful playing at leisure times, in classes at school and in extra-curricular learning, for interdisciplinary instruction and intercultural training, for 'global learning', social and (development) policy education, and for economic, sustainability and environmental education, as well as media literacy, text apprehension, and language and reading skills.


Good Technical Features

Neat and user supportive design, logic puzzles, complete English subtitles (German spoken language in promotional version), integrated comprehensive help function, intuitive mouse control, user-friendly inventory, creating additional players, individually storable savegames. Also suitable for seniors, as well as for children without computer game experience.


Extensive Bonus Material

A nice number of puzzles, quizzes and memo games offer the weary adventurer fun and relaxation after a hard day's 'work'.

AJABU Einzelbeitrag zur UN Weltdekade
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