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Hannes Jaenicke

Hannes Jaenicke

Max Barran

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Hannes was voice-over artist in "AJABU" for the leading role of the successfull global player "Max Barran".

Born in 1960 in Frankfurt am Main, he lived for a part of his childhood in Pittsburgh, PA. He studied acting at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna, at the Opernschule Vienna and at the London School of Modern Dance. He also works as a storyboard writer and as a voice-over artist for numerous audio books.

Besides his professional occupation as an actor, Hannes Jaenicke devotes himself intensely and internationally for the conservation of nature and wildlife. For example he shot a documentary series together with the ZDF (2nd German TV) "Im Einsatz für ..." ("On Duty for ..."), which is aimed at raising awareness for the fate of mountain gorillas, orang-utans or wolves. He is also active in the fight against right-wing extremism, especially through the project "Schule ohne Rassismus, Schule für Courage" ("School withour Racism, School for Courage").

In September 2010 his new book was published: "Wut allein reicht nicht" ("Angriness alone is not enough") about his contributions to worldwide nature and wild species conservation.

Read more about Hannes Jaenicke

Hannes Jaenicke's work as an actor comprises, among other productions:

1984: Abwärts – Film by Carl Schenkel
Väter und Söhne – by Bernhard Sinkel
Rosa Luxemburg – by Margarethe von Trotta
Operation Dead End – by Nikolai Müllerschön
Ein Fall für zwei - T.O.D. (TV)
Eine Reise nach Deutschland – by Heidi Genée
Tatort: Zabou – by Hajo Gies
Die Beute (TV)
Zwei Frauen
Der lange Weg des Lukas B. (Mini Series)
Die Tigerin – by Karin Howard
Der Fahnder - Baal (TV)
Ced in Heaven! – by Robert Schwentke
Die Sieger – by Dominik Graf
Katharina die Große (Catherine the Great) (TV Film)
Midnight Man – by Lawrence Gordon Clark
Der Räuber mit der sanften Hand
5 Stunden Angst - Geiselnahme im Kindergarten (TV)
Ein Mountie in Chicago -Eine alte Liebe
Die Straßen von Berlin - Babuschka (TV)
Die Straßen von Berlin - Dunkelrote Rosen (TV)
Die Straßen von Berlin - Die Akte Stalin (TV)
Das erste Mal (TV)
Nur aus Liebe – by Dennis Satin
Kalkuliertes Risiko – Director: Michael Kennedy
Der Todesbus (TV)
Bandits – by Katja von Garnier
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – by Thomas Jahn
Die sieben Feuer des Todes – Director: Carlos Rola
Fallout – Gefahr aus dem All (Fallout)
White Raven – Diamant des Todes – by Andrew Stevens
Angst über den Wolken (Free Fall) – by Mario Azzopardi
Mulan (Voice-over for Shang)
Tatort: Geschwister – by Mark Schlichter
Schnee in der Neujahrsnacht – by Thorsten Schmidt
Prince Charming (Meet Prince Charming)
Active Stealth
Operation Nautilus – by Rodney McDonald
Extreme Limits
Thomas – by Raffaele Mertes
Judas – by Raffaele Mertes
Stranded – Operation Weltraum – by Fred Olen Ray, Ed Raymond
Virus Outbreak – Die Biowaffe – by Ed Raymond
Halbtot – by Don Michael Paul
Trenck – zwei Herzen gegen die Krone – by Gernot Roll
Die Schönste aus Bitterfeld – by Matthias Tiefenbacher
Pfarrer Braun: Der Fluch der Pröpstin – by Dirk Regel
Blast – Dem Terror entkommt niemand – by Anthony Hickox
Der Stich des Skorpion
Die Pferdeinsel (TV film)
Speer und Er – by Heinrich Breloer
Tatort „Atemnot“ – by Thomas Jauch
Die Pferdeinsel – by Josh Broecker
Post Mortem (TV-Series)
Schlaflos in Oldenburg
Allein unter Töchtern – by Oliver Schmitz

Im Einsatz für Orang-Utans
Ein Date fürs Leben
Crashpoint – 90 Minuten bis zum Absturz
Allein unter Schülern (TV) – by Oliver Schmitz
Waffenstillstand - by Lancelot von Naso
Im Einsatz für Eisbären
Im Einsatz für Haie
Im Einsatz für Gorillas


Schimanski – Schuld und Sühne

Allein unter Müttern (TV)

Hindenburg (TV)

Die Minensucherin (TV)

Bermuda-Dreieck Nordsee (TV)

Tatort: Das schwarze Haus

Im Einsatz für Vögel


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Bernhard Hoëcker

Bernhard Hoëcker


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Photo: Guido Schröder

Bernhard lent his well-known voice to the leading role of the highly educated and well informed "Kinyago", a wooden wildebeest-mask with  an all-embracing knowledge.

The 1970 at the 'Weinstraße' born and meanwhile in the Rhineland living comedian Bernard Hoëcker performed already during his school years. Within a schoolish framework he joined a theatre project team together with Bastian Pastewka and Keirut Wenzel - they founded the troupe "Comedy Crocodiles".

His television debut was in 1997 as a performer in the ProSieben show "Switch". Here the exclamation "Hoëcker, you're out!" was embossed. This was also the title for his first solo full evening's programm. His distinctive body size, on the other hand, was responsible for the subtitle: "Comedy from the smallest."

From 2005 to 2009 he toured with his second solo program "Ich hab's gleich" (I've git it right). Since April 2009 he is on stage with  "Wikihoëcker" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For some years he was also a permanent member of the Bonner improvisational theater "Springmaus" (jumping mouse).
{Slide = More about Bernhard Hoëcker | closed} Hoëcker belongs to the fixed panel in the Sat.1 show "Genial daneben" (Clueless Genius). For this part he won in 2003 and 2006 the German Comedy Award and in 2004 the German TV Award.
2005 he was awarded with the Austrian Television Award "Romy" and the Radio Regenbogen Award.
2008 he received the German Television Prize (Deutscher Fernsehpreis) as well as the German Comedy Award and in 2009 the Austrian Television Award "Romy" for "Switch Reloaded".

In the spring of 2010, Bernard Hoëcker could be seen with Tetje Mierdorf on ZDF in the docutainment two-parter "What does Germany enjoy?".
In the summer of 2010 on ZDFneo his self-produced debating show "Ent- oder Weder" had its Premiere.

His  2007 by Rowohlt published book "Aufzeichnungen eines Schnitzeljägers" (Notes of a geocacher)" - is dedicated to his great passion for geocaching.
In 2009 he was a member of the rally team "StaubMaul" (dust mouth), which traveled from the Allgäu to Amman, Jordan. His report on this very special rally he summed up with team member Tobias Zimmermann under the title "Meilenweit für kein Kamel" (vaguely: miles and miles for no camel) together. The book was published on 3 May 2010 by Rowohlt.

In 2011, also these books were published: "Wir sind Deutschland!: Ein illustrer Streifzug durch die deutsche Geschichte" (We are Germany!: An illustrious journey through german history) (Lappan) and "Hoëckers Entdeckungen: Ein merkwürdiges Bilderbuch längst vergessener Orte" (Hoëcker's  discoveries: A strange picture book of long forgotten places) (Riva)

Internet: www.bernhard-hoecker.de

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Anne Will

Alle Will

Dianne Finn
>> Sample

Photo: Sandra Schuck/NDR

Anne Will supported "Ajabu" by taking on the role of the TV news anchor "Dianne Finn."

Anne Will was born in 1966 in Cologne. She studied history, political science and anglistics in Cologne and Berlin. After studying Anne Will volunteered at the 'Sender Freies Berlin' (SFB now RBB) in the divisions radio and television.

From 1992, she hosted a talk show at SFB "Mal ehrlich" and "Sportpalast". In parallel,  from 1996 to 1998 she hosted the media show "Parlazzo" at Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR).

As the first woman, she hosted 1999 the ARD-Sportschau (most noted TV sports programme in Germany). In 2000, she reported for the ARD from the Olympic Games in Sydney. From April 2001 to June 2007 Anne Will moderated the news show "Tagesthemen", at first alternating with Ulrich Wickert, and later with Tom Buhrow.

Since September 2007, first  on Sunday evening, later on Wednesday, she hosts her own political talk show "ANNE WILL".
Anne Will has received numerous awards, inter alia the "Deutscher Fernsehpreis" (National German Television Prize (2006) and the "Hanns- Joachim-Friedrichs-Preis" (2007).

Anne Will is committed as an ambassador for "United for Africa" and is very involved to ban landmines.


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Otto Mellies

Otto Mellies

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2
>> audio sample 3
>> audio sample 4
>> audio sample 5
(as narrator)

Otto Mellies took on for "AJABU" the role of the narrator and the venerable librarian of Timbouctou, "Ismael Sidi Baba", who also is the secret guardian of the mystery of 'ajabu'.

Otto Mellies, born in Pomerania, studied at the Staatliche Schauspielschule Schwerin (national actor's school) from 1947 until 1949. He then had numerous engagements, among them in Stralsund, at the Staatstheater Schwerin and at the Volkstheater Rostock. From 1956 and until 2001 constant engagement at the Deutsches Staatstheater Berlin. From 1987 until 2005 constant contract for the play "Nathan the Wise" at the Deutsches Theater, in the role of Nathan.

Numerous roles in TV- and motion picture productions, as well as voice-over artist for more than 50 audio books, for broadcasting productions and famous German synchronization voice for several internationally renowned movie stars.

In the year 2010 his memoirs were published under the title "An einem schönen Sommermorgen. Erinnerungen" with the publishing house Das Neue Berlin.

More about Otto Melllies

The life and work of Otto Mellies, as an actor comprises, among others:

1955: Sommerliebe
1959: Simplon-Tunnel
1959: Kabale und Liebe
1961: Der Arzt von Bothenow
1962: Minna von Barnhelm
1965: Dr. Schlüter (DFF)
1968: Geheimkommando Spree (DFF-3-episode series)
1968: Stunde des Skorpions (DFF-3-episode series)
1968: Ich - Axel Cäsar Springer (DFF-5-episode series)
1969: Geheime Spuren (DFF-3-episode series)
1969: Aus unserer Zeit (DEFA-series)
1973: Siebzehn Augenblicke des Frühlings (UdSSR/DDR; TV-mini series)
1977: Trampen nach Norden
1978: Einer muß die Leiche sein
1978: Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort: Der Kurschatten
1982: Das Mädchen und der Junge (TV film)
1983: Martin Luther (TV-5-episode series)
1984: Klassenkameraden (TV)
1986: Fahrschule
1989: Schulmeister Spitzbart (TV)
1991: Jugend ohne Gott
1991: Superstau
1992: Tatort: Tod aus der Vergangenheit (TV)
1996: Natascha – Wettlauf mit dem Tod (TV)
2001: Das Staatsgeheimnis (TV)
2002: Gefährliche Nähe und du ahnst nichts (TV)
2003: Tatort: Sag nichts (TV)
2004: Tatort: Hundeleben (TV)
2005: Mord am Meer (TV)
2006: Karol Wojtyła – Geheimnisse eines Papstes
2006: Eine Chance für die Liebe (TV)
2008: Frei nach Plan
2008: SOKO Wismar: Die Schläfer (TV)
2010: In aller Freundschaft: Dunkle Wolken (TV)
2011: Mord in bester Familie
2011: Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track)
2011: Wasser für die Elefanten (Synchron)
2011: Der Uranberg (TV)

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David Wittmann

David Wittmann

>> Sample 1
>> Sample 2
>> Sample 3
>> Sample 4

David spoke for Ajabu the leading role of New York City boy "Samuel Knight," named "Sam."

David Wittmann, born 1994 in Berlin, is a voice-over artist and audio drama speaker. He synchronizes movies and TV production since his childhood. Meanwhile he is as well working in front of the camera.

More about David Wittmann

2010 Hamburger Krimifestival, Live - Hörspiel der „Drei ??? Kids“;
"Das Duell der Magier", "Jake Cherry" (als junger Dave)

"Die drei ??? Kids", "Bob Andrews", Direction: Ulf Black, Audio Drama, Studio Funk Hamburg;
"Go, Diego, Go" (3. season), Taunus Film;
Since 2007 all 18 sequels of "Die drei ??? Kids", leading role "Bob Andrews";

Computer game "AJABU", leading role "Sam", GOODFABLE Storytelling Games, Direction: Sabine Wille, StudioWort;
Diverse projects at Studio Hastings;
Motion picture  "Die drei ??? und das verfluchte Schloss" , "Bob Andrews", Direction: Pierre Peters Arnolds, Studio Funk Berlin;
"Go, Diego, Go" (2. season);
Mation picture “Die Geheimnisse der Spiderwicks“, "Jared". "Simon", Direction: Frank Schaff, Interopa;
Voice-over artist  “10.000 B.C.“;
Voice-over artist “Meine Frau, die Spartaner und Ich“;
“Rails and Ties“, "Davey", Blackbird Music ;
“Jimmy´s fantastische Welt“, "Craig", Blackbird Music, Direction: Jürgen Kluckert, Cartoon Network (TV)
Voice-over artist “Speed Racer“, Regie: Axel Malzacher;

"Go, Diego, Go!" (1.season), "Diego", Nickolodeon (TV), Direction: Frank Turba, Bikini Studios;
Voice-over artist "Sweeney Todd - Der teuflische Barbier aus der Fleet Street", "Toby", Interopa;

Voice-over artist "Der Goldene Kompass", "Billy";

Voice-over artist "Der Klang des Herzens", "Arthur", Berliner Synchron;

Voice-over artist "Wonder Pets", Nickolodeon (TV), versch. Rollen, Regie: Nana Spier, Bikini Studios;

Voice-over artist "Wusel und Flausch" , "Flausch", Deutsche Synchron, Disney Channel (TV);
Cornelsen- Lernsoftware, Audioberlin;

Voice-over artist "The Sweet Life of Zac and Cody", "Mark", Regie: Frank Turba, Super RTL (TV);

Voice-over artist , "Lauras Stern", KiKa (TV);

Voice-over artist "Mr. Underwood";
Audio drama "Die Playmos“, "Tobi", Audioberlin;
Computer game “Felix, der Hase“, "Felix", DEA Synchron;

Voice-over artist “There will be Blood“, "H.W.";
“Häschenbande“, Regie: Rainer Gerlach, Studio Funk;

Voice-over artist “Wow, die Entdeckerzone“, Deutsche Synchron, Super RTL (TV) ;

Internet: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Wittmann

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Nastassja Hahn

Nastassja Hahn

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2
>> audio sample 3
>> audio sample 4

Nastassja took on for "AJABU" the leading role of "Phoebe Mayflower" from New York City.

Nastassja Hahn was born in Berlin in 1994 and has been working as a voice-over artist, and TV and motion picture actress since the age of 6. After her 'Abitur' Nastassja Hahn wants to study acting.

More about Nastassja Hahn

Her engagements comprise so far:

Theatre season 2009/10: Role of the angle in the play "Joe Speedboat - No time for heroes" after Tommy Wieringa, together with the production "Junge Triebe" at the 'Deutsches Theater', Berlin.

Several engagements at the 'Komische Oper' (children's choir/soloist), at the 'Staatsoper' and at the 'Deutsche Oper' (National Ballet School/Dancing), Berlin;

Several roles for motion pictures and TV productions, among others:
"Hansel und Gretel",  as "Gretel", Berlinale 2006;
Roles in episodes of diverse TV series, among them "SOKO", ZDF and "Die Stein", ARD and many more;

Several voice-over roles, among them:
"My joy/Mein Glück", ukraine-german-netherland. co-production CANNES 2010;
"Das grosse Rennen - ein abgefahrenes Abenteuer", as "Mary" (german-irish children's movie);
"SOS - ein spannender Sommer", as "Noora" (norwegian children's movie);
"Die Moffels", as "Luzi" (animation film), RBB;

Several audio dramas/roles of audio books, among them:
"Willi wills wissen", as "Greta" & "Jule", ZDF + KIKA;
"Der Winterplanet", as "Ensemble", RBB Kulturradio;
"FANNY & die Künstlerfüsse", Trias Verlag;

Several computer game productions, among them: 
"Sansanvis Park", as "Anna", Jewish Museum, Berlin;

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Jonathan Kinsler

Jonathan Kinsler

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2
>> audio sample 3
>> audio sample 4

Photo: www.jonathan-kinsler.de

Jonathan Kinsler took on the role of the wise and venerable visionary "Hekima Kimbóté" in Angola.

Jonathan Kinsler received his education at the Mannes College (The New School of Music), at the Manhattan School of Music & Drama and at the Actors Studio (all New York), as well as with Walter Lott and Dagmar von Thomas, both Berlin.

Besides his occupation as an actor he worked and still works as a voice-over artist and musician, as well as a professional trainer in the fields of voice and speaking education, acting and music.

Jonathan Kinsler performed in numerous theatre, movie and TV productions.

More about Jonathan Kinsler

Selective Theatre Productions:

Theater am Hechtplatz, Zurich
Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich
Atelier-Theater Bern
Schwetzinger Festspiele
Städtebundtheater Hof
Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin
Hamburger Kammerspiele
Altes Schauspielhaus Stuttgart
Deutsches Theater Göttingen
Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
Staatstheater Kassel

Movie and TV Productions:

2010 Hong in Berlin
2010 Auf den Zweiten Blick
2009 Endhaltestelle
2008 Soko Leipzig
2007 Speed Racer
2007 Bieger & Pelzig (Vorne ist ganz weit weg)
2007 Traumschiff Spezial
2006 Afrika- Wohin mein Herz mich trägt
2005 Neger, Neger Schornsteinfeger
2004 Endloser Horizont
2002 Tal der Ahnungslosen
2001 Ein Alptraum von 3 ½ Kilo
2001 Spital in Angst
2000 Planet B -Detective Lovelor
2000 Lindenstrasse    
1999 Aeon / Todsünden
1999 Zwei Gesichter einer Frau
1999 Tatort  
1999 Trillenium
1998 Für alle Fälle Stefanie
1998 Männer sind wie Schokolade
1997 Wolfs Revier
1997 Die Wache
1997 Fascht e Familie
1996 Frauen lügen nicht
1996 Rosenkavalier
1996 Monty Spinnerratz
1996 Das Todesspiel
1996 Lamorte
1996 Trike
1995 Star Command
1994 De Sueur et de Sang
1993 Die Botschafterin   
1993 Liebling Kreuzberg   
1993 Berlin Break    
1991 Ron und Tanja
1984 Chinese Boxes
1983 Fluchtpunkt Berlin
1978 Wenn's nach mir ginge  
1977 Erfindung des Wassermotors   
1970 Drei Damen vom Grill     
1970 Sternensommer
1968 Zeichen eines Jahres
1968 Wir werden Menschen sein 
1967 Sanfter Schrecken 
1966 The Lindbergh Story

Internet: www.jonathan-kinsler.de

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Errol Trotman-Harewood

Errol Trotman-Harewood

Foto: Janine Guldener

Mr. Knight
>> sample

Dr. Bala
>> sample

Security Mann
>> sample

Errol took on for "Ajabu" the role of Sam's father, the New York anthropologist and professor of African Studies James Elroy Knight. He also spoke the biologist, "Dr. Bala" at the 'Indigene Laboratory' in Botswana, as well as the friendly security chief in Cape Town.

Errol Trotman-Harewood was born as a British citizen in South America and studied music at the Royal Military School of Music, London. In 1992 he made his debut as a stage actor in the role of Alboury in Bernard-Marie Koltès drama "Kampf des Negers und der Hunde", directed by Siemen Rühaak and Renate Wolf, Stadttheater Gießen. Errol made his debut as a film actor as the CIA agent Peter Landis in 1998 in the Vilsmaier Perathon / Senator motion picture "Straight shooter" with Dennis Hopper.

Most recently, he starred in Roman Polanski's "THE GHOST".

More about Errol Trotman-Harewood

Errol Trotman-Harewood attended numerous acting workshops at teachers of the Lee Strasberg Actors, among those: 'Studio, NY, including: Geraldine Baron (Berlin 1999), Walter Lott (Cologne 1995) and John Costopolous (2003). In addition, Errol Trotman-Harewood attended several seminars by Gabriela Scharnitzki (Stella Adler Technique) and Jens Roth (animal & energy work) in Berlin and at the renowned acting coach MK Lewis, Los Angeles, CA.

2006 workes as drama teacher at SoYA film acting (Studio of Young Artists) in Hamburg. Taught in the department of "improvisation and role study";

Numerous TV, motion picture and theatre productions, including:

"DANTON's TOD", Percussion for Westf. Landestheater, Münster
"Die Insel", Percussion Compositions, Westf. Landestheater Münster;
"Der Kampf des Negers und der Hunde", Stadttheater Gießen;
"JFK - The Rock Opera", Städt. Bühnen Münster und Jovel Music Hall;
"Die Zorningen Hausfrauen", Kammerspiele Düsseldorf;
"Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story", Metropol Musical Theater, Hamburg;
"LIEBESRAUSCH", from the scriptwriter and director Yordanos Elsa Gebremedhin;
"DER CLOWN", 22. episode (RTL/Action Concept) role of the customer;
"TATORT: KALTE HERZEN", role of Lt. Spector, head of the homicide divsion of the Los Angeles Police Department, SWR und ARD;
"Tunnel People", Freies Theater, Köln;
"Berlin, du dufte STadt", Westf. Landestheater, Münster;
"Straight Shooter", Peter Landis;
"ALARM FÜR COBRA 11", als Head Coach Jim Miller;
"MARIENHOF", Kevin “KC” Taylor, 30 Episoden;
"Der Rinderwahn", Bonner Biennale 2000;
"Die Umarmungp des Skorpions", Studio Bühne Köln;
"JOE AND MAX", in the role of Solomon Weaver - The Waiter, German-American Motion Picture production;
"BOOKIES", role of Prof. Felix, Co-Production Colognefilm/Gemini/IWP (International West Pictures);
"Ali Bumaye", audio drama, WDR, Köln;
"Eifel Sturm", audio drama, WDR, Köln;
"SEPTEMBER" of  Max Färberböck (Aimeè und Jaguar, Bella Block),  FBI Agent John Glenn;
"Joe and Max - Rivalen im Ring" (TV), Solomon Weaver;
"TRAUMSCHIFF SURPRISE: PERIODE 1", as General Norman Baby (US Army);
"NOT A LOVE STORY" of Arron Allread, as Vincent “Cobby“ Cobbs, alongside of Hannelore Elsner;
Voice Artist at the performance/installation "LIGHT", Bonner Biennale 2004;
"TRIGGER TIGER", science fiction film of Salome Machiadze, leading role "Vincent";
"DAS ZWEIT BESTE – DWS Investmentbank", commercial spot for Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg, in the role of an NYPD officer-in-charge, direction: David Wellington;
"Neuomancer II", audio drama, Radio Bremen;
"Anarchistisiche Weltsekunden", WDR, Köln;
"COSMOPOLIS", audio dramal, WDR, Köln;
"BOOKIES", Professor Felix;
Light Posttheater, Theatre Performance, New York, Berlin;
"REPRE'Z'ENT", pilot for the british Sitcom, leading role as "Michael Bright", head of the record label Legal Records, Script: Angela Harvey, direction: Lloyd Gardener (Artikal Films, London);
"UMS PARADIES BETROGEN", Inspector Bones Ainsley, ZDF two-parter;

"Leroy räumt auf", Lero's dad;
"Trigger Tiger";
"Das 100 Millionen Dollar Date";
"TOD EINER HEUSCHRECKE", as Robert “BOB” Miller, an in Germany aktive US-application agent;
„Der Kapitän“, ZDF series, leading role  "Mr. KAY", a shady character who works as security officer for a shipping company, alongside of Robert Atzorn und Nele Müller-Stöfen u.a.;
„Lippels Traum“, fim adaption of Paul Maar, as guardian of the Touareg;
"WHAT’S YOUR SECRET" in the role of  "Moses", co-Production Ludwigsburg Film Akademie/US film production HBO, (reveived "Gold" in the categorie of 'young movie makers' at the 12th international commercial film festival "SPOTLIGHT";
"FQCF - FIFA Quality Concept of Football", chief scientist, FIFA Internet Werbefeaturette, direction: Peter Luisi;
"American Night", as "Blaque Cowboy", direction: Julian Rosenfeldt;
"THE GHOST", direction: Roman Polanski, CIA Agent;
"KREUTZER KOMMT" (TV) as " Chet Trulipp;

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Aloysius Itoka

Aloysius Itoka

Photo: Andreas Fischer

>> Sample 1
>> Sample 2
>> Sample 3
>> Sample 4
>> Sample 5

Hamisi Mwangi
>> Sample

>> Sample









spoke in "Ajabu" the roles of the Mbuti "Kohekohe" in the Congo, the President of Tanzania, "Mwangi Hamisi" and Ghanaian captain "Gavivi".

Aloysius Itoka   was born as the son of a diplomat in Liberia, and lives  in Berlin (again) since 1989. He studied acting in New York, Buffalo / NY and Berlin.

Since 1995 participation in numerous well known television series, TV movies and TV series including "Der Landarzt"  , "Küstenwache" , "Wolff's Revier", "GSG 9", "Der Bulle von Tölz" and "Prof. Capellari ","Schaumküsse  "and" Tatort "(selection).

2009 working in Switzerland and Austria, participation in the TV series "Tag und Nacht" (SF DRS) and "Schnell ermittelt" (ORF).
Worked in motion pictures like "Welcome Home" and "Winterreise".

2010 Leading role in the feature film  "Desert Rain", as "Mr. Baftimbede "( CANNES FILMFESTIVAL).

Voice-over for characters from "CSI: NY," "Lost," "James Bond | Casino Royale" and "The International".

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Thelma Buabeng
Thelma Buabeng

Dr. Beke

>> audio sample

Dr. Bimani

>> audio sample

Thelma took on for "AJABU" the roles of the immunologist "Dr. Amina Beke" from Gabun and the role of the malaria researcher "Dr. Makini Bimani" from Somalia, who both work at the 'Indigene' Laboratory in Botswana.

Thelma was born in 1981, her mother tongues are German and Fante (Ghanaian). Between 2007 and 2009 she studied at the Filmschauspielschule Berlin. Before that, she participated from 2005 through 2007 in a drama training at the Schule des Theaters, Köln (School of Theatre, Cologne).

More about Thelma Buabeng

Thelma Buabengs works comprise, among others:

Motion Pictures & TV:
2011 „Kleist 2.0“, Henriette Vogel, Max Pohlenz, Independent Motion Picture
2011 „La DeutscheVida“, Arabelle, Horst Günther Marx, Short Film
2011 „Der Kriminalist“, Adila, ZDF
2011 „Huck Finn“, Jim's Frau, Hermine Hundgeburth, Motion Picture
2011 „Tatort: Ihr Kinderlein kommet“, Neighbor, ARD
2010 „Wenn Bäume Puppen tragen“ Naomi (Mother)
2009 „Alte Bekannte“ Marie
2009 „Fachgespräch“ Cynthia
2009 „Success“ Tabea
2008 „Mimi“ Yasmin Finnur
2008 „Break“ (Independent Motion Picture) Claire Matthias
2008 „Black Mamba“ Trouble Sister
2005 „Das Leben der Inge M.“ Woman Police Officer
2005 „Berlin Boheme“ Louise Alberts
2003 „Lindenstraße“ (ARD, 923-926) Bariya Birabi

2010/2011 "Heimat, bittersüße Heimat", diverse roles, Label Noir
2009 "Quartett", Merteuil, Fss Berlin
2009 "Die Farbe Lila", Ms. Celie, Fss Berlin
2008/2009 „Antigone“ Antigone
2008/2009 „Quartett“ Merteuil
2008/2009 „Die Farbe Lila“ Ms. Celie
2009 „Ein ungleiches Paar“ Scenebites I
2008/2009 „Showcase“ Presentation - UDK
2008/2011 „3 Sistas“, Comedy Project, several roles

Internet: www.thelmab.de

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Dayan Tweneboah Kodua 
Dayan Kodua Sela

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2
>> audio sample 3


>> audio sample








Dayan took on for "Ajabu" the roles of the self-confident market woman "Sela" in Timbuktu, Mali and the committed cocoa plantation manager "Ohenewaa Tumi" from Ghana.

Dayan was born in 1980 in Ghana. When Dayan was ten years old, when her family left Ghana to build up a better future in Germany. In Ghana, she belongs to the tribe of the "Ashanti" - the warriors. Nomen est omen - and so she asserts herself quite well in her new home. German did quickly become her second language in addition to the Akan  language Twi. With her american English and french skills in addition she is not only able to emphasize her professionalism but also her personality.

That her world would be the stage, she made already clear as a teenager: She was dancing and singing with Chris de Burgh, Sasha, Lou Bega, Haddaway, Right Said Fred and a few others.

Soon she started modelling and became in 2001, the first and so far only black Miss Schleswig-Holstein. Bookings for Thierry Mugler, Escada and Versace followed.

Studying at the renowned 'coaching company' in Berlin, set a first milestone in her career as an actress. Further studies at the "Howard Fine Studios", the "Theatre of Arts," with Timothy Lampros ("Actors Certified Training") and Tasha Smith (all of Los Angeles) accomplished her education.

In the USA Dayan got the chance to participate in major U.S. productions such as "Boston Legal," "Passions" and in the movies "Crank" and "Lords of the Underworld".

In  Germany as well she was more and more casted as an actress for challenging roles. Among others, she played 2003 in "Balko" / RTL, 2008 in "Dr Karl and Molly" / Sat 1, 2009 in "Der Dicke" / ARD and 2010 in "Unter Verdacht" / ZDF. She is always happy to accept new challenges and that is why she decided to take over two roles as an voice-over artist in the educational computer game "AJABU - Das Vermächtnis der Ahnen" (Forefathers' Legay). Here she played alongside of Hannes Jaenicke, Anne Will, Bernhard Hoëcker and many others well known actors.

Dayan is a very committed and enthusiastic follower of charity projects. So in 2006 she felt more than honored to perform on the catwalk of the "House of Blues"  for the "Michael Jordan Foundation"  in Los Angeles together with Angie Stone and Snoop Dogg.

More about Dayan Kodua

Also for her homeland Ghana Dayan lightens a beacon of hope: she is patroness of the Ghana Aid (www.ghanahilfe.de). What she holds near and dear is the organization IMIC ev in Hamburg; they support the education of people with a migration background.

For Dayan, as a migrant, the privilege of a good education was made possible through the selfless care of her parents. She is aware that this is not a taken-for-grantedness.

Dayan has become for Africans in Europe a "role model". She is the flagship of a young, confident, successful, black generation with an immigrant background.

She was on the cover of the first edition of "African Heritage" magazine in Europe. In 2005 Dayan was honored by becoming a cultural ambassador for the African continent in Germany. But Dayan is also not afraud to be critical.

So she appeals to black kids who were born in Europe, particularly in Germany:

"Commit yourself, do never deny your background - but don't blame your black skin color for any difficulty!"

Dayan Kodua has participated in numerous films and TV productions. Dayan Kodua's work includes:

 Unter Verdacht - Das Meer der Traenen, directed by Aelrun Goette
Wenn Baeume Puppen tragen - short film, directed by Ismail Sahin

Peripheres Verlangen - Short film, directed by Beatrice Lefevre
Der Dicke, directed by Marc Brummund
Fremdenzimmer - short film, directed by Bela Lukac

Dr. Molly & Karl - SAT.1, directed by Franziska Meyer Price
Gillette Fusion (commercial film), directed by Philip Gaul
Akte XY Ungelöst - TV, Director: Peter Claridge

Fleisch ist mein Gemüse, cinema, directed by Christian Gorlitz
Boston Legal, HBO - United States

In other words (short film), directed by Angela Burris

Lords of the Underworld movie, directed by Dale Reeves
Crank - movie, directed by Brian Taylor

Balko - Tod eines Fahrlehrers - RTL, directed by Daniel Helfer
The Stoning - film, directed by Harald wooden ladder

Megalodon - Haialarm auf Mallorca - RTL, directed by Jorgo Papavassilou
Wahnsinnsweiber - SAT.1, directed by Hans Schoenherr

Die Hochzeit - TV, Director: Matthias Steurer


The Complex – L.A, Barefoot in the park, Regie: Tasha Smith
The Complex, Diverting Devotio, Regie: Tasha Smith

Internet: www.dayan-kodua.com

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Bernard Mayo 

Bernard Mayo

Photo: www.bmayo.de

>> Sample

Dr. Bafoussi
>> Sample

>> Sample

>> Sample

>> Sample

For "Ajabu" Bernard lent his voice to five different charakters: He is "Cherif's" assistant  "Berkane" in Timbouctou, the Cameroonian energy researcher "Dr. Bafoussi" at the 'Indigene Laboratory' in Botswana, the Ghanaian sailor "Roger", the air traffic controller "Yussuf " in Timbouctou and the 'gang' member "Cetewayo" in Cape Town.

Bernard Mayo was born in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo. He studied art and journalism in Kinshasa and then practiced in various activities as a musician, a freelance journalist, cartoonist and commercial artist. Since 1994, Bernard Mayo lives as a musician in Berlin.

Numerous performances, including"Haus der Kulturen der Welt" (House of World Cultures) (with Salif Keita), at major events like the "Lange Nacht der Musik" (Long Night of Music) in Munich, at the polish cardinal Zerczynski or at the "Sommerfest des Bundespräsidenten" (Summer Party of the Federal President of Germany).

In 2000 he released his debut album titled "Ningeli Jua" (together with the band "Horizon-M", Producer: Reinhold Weber);
2001 first cartoon video "Semana" (1st prize of the festival "Vue d'Afrique", Canada);
2004 second album "Hatsha Baba" in the languages ​​of Lingala, Swahili, Chiluba and French ("Horizon-M", R. Weber, co-production; Guest Appearances by Lokua Kanza, Daddy Freddy and many more).

Internet: www.bmayo.de

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John Yamoah

John Yamoah

>> sample 1
>> sample 2
>> sample 3
>> sample 4

>> sample 1
>> sample 2
>> sample 3

>> sample









John took on the roles of the tanzanian national park director "Muenda Makabidhi", the role of the helpful taxidriver and small business owner "Prajit Umsizi", who comes from an Indian family from Cape Town and the voice of the Ghanaian plantation worker  "Kwabena".

John Yamoah was born in Ghana. He lives and works, as an actor and voice-over artist, in Berlin. His work as an actor for motion picture and TV-productions comprises, among others:

- "Tatort", "Dschungelbrüder" TV;
- "Blond: Eva Blond!", "Das Buch der Beleidigungen" TV;
- "Baader" Motion Picture;
- "Die Straßen von Berlin", "Blutwurst und Weißwein" TV;
- "Doppelter Einsatz", "Exekution" TV;
- "Welcome Home";
- "Diese Drombuschs" (TV Series)
    - Der Weg zurück TV;
    - Die treibende Kraft TV;
    - Liebe ist auch ein Recht TV;
    - Um keinen Preis TV;
    - Der Makel TV;
- "Der Kapitän";
- "Den Tod im Nacken" TV;
- "Nachtschalter" TV;

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Sheri Hagen
Sheri Hagen
Photo: www.vaganten.de
Mrs. Knight
>> sample
Dr. Ramahobo
>> sample

>> sample

Sheri Hagen took on for "AJABU" the roles of the New York fonds manager "Eleonora Knight" (Sam's mom), of the medical doctor "Mandisa Ramahobo" from Botswana, and the role of the Tanzanian front desk manager "Mjima".

Sheri Hagen was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up in Hamburg. She studied at the "Stage School of Dance and Drama", Hamburg and at the  "Studio Theater an der Wien".

Many contributions to motion pictures and TV productions, among them "Baal", "Sperling" and "Tatort". Additionally several engagements and theatre productions in Berlin, Munich and Bremen.

Recently she realized in 2010 her own motion picture "Auf den zweiten Blick" ("On Second Look") as a storyboard writer, director and as  a co-producer.

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Moses Leo

Moses Leo

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2

Moses took on the role of "Tatu", the gang leader in Cape Town, as well as the marketer's role "Salifou" in Timbouctou, Mali.

Moses Leo was born in Saalfeld/Saale and went to school at the 'Humanistic Combined Highschool Heinrich Böll'. He also went to high school in Wyoming, USA. After his 'Abitur' he served as an 'artistic volonteer' at the Schauspielhaus Bochum.

He then studied acting for four years at the University of Film and Television „Konrad Wolf“ in Potsdam-Babelsberg. During his studies he participated in several student motion picture productions and several engagements at the "Hans Otto Theatre" in Potsdam, the "Junges Schauspielhaus", Zurich, and the "Oxymoron Dance Company" in Potsdam.

Participation in several projects in the fields of audio drama and synchronization. Besides his professional occupation as an actor, voice-over artist and in the field of dancing theatre he is one half of the audio-visual, electronically and musicically working two-men-band „GeisBaBa“.

More about Moses Leo


"Am Tage der Hochzeit" (Viktor Rosov), Role: Wassili / Docent: Angelika Heimlich
"Trotz aller Therapie" (Christopher Durang), Role: Bob / Docent: Franziska Matthus
"The Seagull" (Anton Tschechow), Role: Kostja / Docent: Bettina Schubert
"Woyzeck", Georg Büchner (studies of scenes), Docent: Bettina Schubert, Roles: Doctor/Tambourmajor
"As you like it", William Shakespeare (scene studies), Docent: Robert Gallinowski, Role: Jaques
"Elektra", Sophokles (scene studies), Docent: Torsten Bischoff, Role: Orest

Motion Picture:
Scene studies "Hills like White Elephants" (Ernest Hemingway), Role: Man / Docent: Dieter Berner
"Reise nach Berlin" (scene studies), Docent: Beate Jensen
"Los Paul" (short film), Director: Tomas Knapp
Short film "Nulldialog"
Scene studies "Kleine Haie", Role: Ingo / Docent: Beate Jensen
TV-tutorial "Just be my Steiff" (Dan Tang), Role: Aaron / Director: Dan Tang
Scene studies "Trennung" (Dan Tang), Role: Maximilian / Docent: Beate Jensen
Short film "Ohrwurm", Role: Mario / Director: Dan Tang

Further engagements:
Short film "Devolution" (bronze medal and promotional award for young talents, Federal Film Festival (Bundesfilmfestival) Motion Picture, Dortmund

Member of amateur theatre association 'theater-spiel-laden' Rudolstadt
"Katzelmacher" (Rainer Werner Fassbinder), Role: Jorgos / Director: Frank Grünert
"Adam und Eve" (Peter Hacks), Role: Adam / Director: Peter Rauch

"Preparadise Sorry Now ", Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Junges Schauspielhaus Zürich) Director: Moritz Schönecker, Roles: several

"Chatroom ", Enda Walsh (Hans-Otto-Theatre Potsdam) Director: Carlos Manuel, Role: Jack

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Mark Kofi Asamoah

Mark Kofi Asamoah

Mann am Feuer

>> audio sample


Mark Kofi Asamoah took on the role of the old magician in the opening scene of "AJABU" that is situated on the beach of Ghana some 500 years ago.

Mark Kofi Asamoah was born Asuom, Ghana and came via England to Berlin. Since then he has been working for 30 years as a musician and as a go-between for intercultural understanding in Germany.

His various occupations and projects comprise so far and among others the cooperation with numerous organizations in the field of international development cooperation.

More about Mark Kofi Asamoah

EPIZ (Entwicklungspolitischer Informationszentrum) 1989;
GSE (Gesellschaft für Solidarische und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit);
RAA (Regional Arbeitsstelle für Ausländerfragen);
Dachverein Reichenstraße eV in Quedlinburg;

Political projects in schools against right-wing extremism, racism and against xenophobia;
Educational units about the African continent with visual aids and drum music as a means for political training;

Moreover cooperation together with and among others: Welthungerhilfe, Oxfam International, Misereor, Unicef, Malteser, Brot für die Welt, German Red Cross, United for Africa;

Drumming as therapy: projects in hospitals and institutions for learning and physical disabilities;
1989-1996 Cooperation with the self-helping organization for addicts (VgS e.V.) in Berlin, that cooperates with the CREATE project in New York;

One World Without Borders 1999:

A project in Great Britain, which served to give an understanding to teachers and students about the similarities and differences of people in Africa and in Great Britain through the inspiration of music and culture . The project took place in 20 different schools in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, sponsored by Channel 4 TV, Oxfam, World Wide Fund for Nature.

Cooperation for tolerance of the religious associations in Germany:
Participation in the AIDS charity concert in 2000 together with Alfred Biolek, Dirk Bach, Maren Kroymann and others;

Regular concerts, workshops, drumming courses and participation in the famous "Berlin Carnival of Cultures";

Internet: www.asamoah.de

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Soogi Kang

Soogi Kang

Photo: www.dongha-choe.de



>> audio sample












Soogi Kang took on for "AJABU" the role of the Japanese primatologist "Hatsumi Karimako", who studies the behaviour of the mountain gorillas  in the East Congo.

Soogi Kang was born in Po Hang, South-Korea. She studied Korean ceramic art and modern theatre at the Drama Center, Seoul. Afterwards she studied traditional Korean mask dance theatre "Bong-San-Talchum" with the master Kim Yu Kyung, as well as the traditional Pansori. After that she participated in several productions in Seoul. Since 1986 she lives and works in Berlin. She works as an actor, as a dancer, choreographer, director, theatre educationalist and as a voice-over artist.

More about Soogi Kang

Soogi Kang's work comprises, among others:
"Der Kriminalist", Fr. Nguyen, TV, ZDF, Director: Christian Görlich;
"Der Ghostwriter", Dep, Motion Picture, Director: Roman Polanski;

"Horst Schlämmer, Ich Kandidiere", Ex-Wife H. Schlämmer, Motion Picture;
"Der Berg der 1000 Drachen", Cousine Mae, Motion Picture;
"Doctor's Diary", Than, TV, SAT1;
"Krimi.de. Rechte Freunde", Ms. Nga, Director: Christoph Eichhorn, TV children's movie, KiKa;

"Die Pfefferkörner", Ms. Chew, ARD;
"Danny Lowinsky", Mayumi, TV, SAT1;
"Todsünde", Ms. Chen, ZDF;
"In drei Tagen bist du tot", Chinesin, Motion Picture, Director: Andreas Proschaska;
"Tatort - Der tote Chinese", Aunt Wu, TV, HR;

"Tatort - Der Traum von der Au", Ms. Silin, TV-Film, BR;
"Für eine Faust voll Mist", Chinese mother, TV-Film, Pro7;
"Die Stein", Grandmother Kim, TV-Film/-Series, ARD;
"Aktenzeichen XY - Zwei Thai", Som, TV, ZDF;

"Adel verzichtet", Chef, TV-Film, Sat1;
"Ein starkes Team 37 - Gefühlte Leere", Shopkeeper, TV-Film, ZDF;
"Abschnitt 40", Ms. Ngyen, TV-Serie, RTL;

"Liebe Süß-Sauer. Die Verlobte aus Shanghai, Aunt Ma, TV-Film, SAT1;

"Mit Herz und Handschellen", Ms. Yang;

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Yehia Helmy

Yehia Helmy

>> audio sample

Yehia Helmy took on for "AJABU" the role of the 'slightly grumpy' owner of a caravansery and desert maven "Cherif al Nemsi" from Timbouctou, Mali. 

Yehia Helmy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1935. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Alexandria as well as motion picture technology at the Fachschule für Optik und Fototechnik, Berlin. After that, 14 years professional occupations as film technician in the fields of light measurement, audio recording, and playback technologies, as well as in the field of color copy processing. Afterwards consultant for image and motion picture technologies at the DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., Berlin. Several  contributions with the CE-N and ISO International Organization for Standardization.

Apart from his main professional occupation in the fields of image and motion picture technologies, Yehia Helmy has been working since 1965 as a speaker and commentator, as a voice-over artist for synchronization and audio dramas for TV, motion pictures, commercials, multimedia, broadcasting and documentaries. Furthermore he works as a consultant for Arabic pronounciation and translations.

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Gloria Custance

Gloria Custance

>> audio sample 1
>> audio sample 2
>> audio sample 3

For "AJABU" Gloria took the part of the committed charity lady "Joanne Tippytoe", who supports, among other things, the "Indigene Laboratories" in Botswana.

Gloria Custance was born in London and lives in Berlin. She works as an author and translator of numerous books, including specialist books from the fields of contemporary arts and media.

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Fodè Dramé

>> audio sample

Fodè Dramé took on the role of the gang member "Yera" in Cape Town.

Fodè comes from Senegal and came to Germany in order to go to university here. In 2010 he finished his studies in agricultural sciences at the Humboldt-University Berlin and will work in the future in his homeland in the field of sustainable Forest Management.

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Zoe Hagen

Zoe Hagen

>> audio sample

Zoe took on for "AJABU" the role of "Esenje", who is the granddaughter of "Hekima" in Angola. Zoe Hagen is the daughter of Sheri Hagen and was born in Berlin, where she goes to school.

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Reinhard Gutzat

Reinhard Gutzat

Dr. Williams
>> audio sample

Reinhard took on for "AJABU" the role of the South-African geneticist "Dr. Williams" of the "Indigene Laboratories" in Botswana.

Reinhard Gutzat was born in Japan and grew up in Germany and the USA. Presently he lives in in San Fransisco where he studies "Fine Art" at the San Francisco State University, CA with a focus on drawing and painting.

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Philipp Neumayer

Philipp Neumayer

>> audio sample

Philipp took on the role of "Ahab" for "AJABU", a hungry congolese African gray parrot, who is bizarrely acting as an "information leak".

Philipp's comment on his participation in "AJABU": "A japanese proverb amounts: Whensoever the parrot speaks well, he continues being a bird."

Philipp Neumeyer was born in Berlin in 1977 and grew up in Baden-Wuerttemberg. After a training as a draftsman and technician in Stuttgart he studied media technology in Mittweida, Saxony and completed a traineeship at a school for journalists.

Among others, he works as a radio host and voice-over artist; since 2006 he also works as a teacher for broadcasting technologies, and since 2008 he works as a TV presenter at the local TV station "Mittelsachsen TV".

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